Our Projects

NJ Turnpike, interchange 14A

GEOD’s most recent assignment on this NJ Turnpike Improvement project has been to provide accurate mapping locations and elevations along the existing roadway, toll plaza and bridges in support of the final design of Interchange 14A. GEOD previously completed the mapping and survey for the preliminary design alternatives at Interchange 14A, including providing the detailed survey and mapping for the Newark Bay Bridge. GEOD also worked on the redecking and seismic analysis of the structure from the bridge west to Interchange 14. Consequently, GEOD was intricately familiar with all aspects of this project and its surrounding area. Services for the final design included: the use of Low Altitude Photogrammetric Mapping (LAMP) which yields mapping as accurate as conventional field surveys, establishment of control, and re-establishment of the roadway centerline geometry and the existing ROW. Once the design was completed and the impacted properties determined, GEOD assisted in the preparation of the property acquisition documents, including the property description, ETM, GPPMs & IPPMs. All services will be performance with NJTA Standards and Specifications.

Route 1 & 9 Pulaski Skyway Bridge Deck Replacement

The four-lane landmark bridge-causeway named the Pulaski Skyway opened in 1932. Located in both Hudson and Essex Counties of New Jersey, it crosses the Passaic River, the Hackensack River and the NJ Meadowlands. The much-traveled freeway experiences nearly 75,000 crossings per day. As a result of this unpredictable traffic congestion and its functionally obsolete design, the NJDOT, several years ago, initiated an extensive rehabilitation program which will culminate in its reconstruction in 2014. GEOD recently contracted to provide the design survey support for this rehabilitation project and, in particular, seismic retrofits, superstructure and substructure repairs between Piers 45 and 61. Services Include: measurements of the piers, bearing seats, stringers and other support features. GEOD will also locate drainage, wetlands and other utilities and prepare property and ROW surveys. All survey and mapping services will conform to NJDOT Standards and Specifications.

NJTPA’s 2014 Local Capital Project Delivery Program -
County Bridge No. K0607 over Al’s Brook, Franklin Twp., Somerset County, NJ

Somerset County successfully applied for a $255k grant for this project through the NJTPA’s 2014 Local Capital Project Delivery Program. County Bridge K0607 had been classified as structurally deficient due to deformation and buckling in the aluminum arch sections beneath the bridge. A series of four (4) inch aluminum pipes were installed beneath the bridge several years ago to provide extra support and prevent further sagging. The current project will study the alternatives available to reclaim or replace the structure. GEOD’s scope of work in support of the study is to provide mapping and surveying of the structure and surrounding area. New aerial photography will be used to prepare 1”=30’ topographic mapping with 1’ DTM contours in NJDOT spec MicroStation/SelectCAD. Primary and photo control will be established in the field using GPS and the Real Time Network. The existing highway baseline will be re-established. A full field edit of the mapping will be performed to show all drainage and other utilities, obtain elevation data in any areas obscured in the photography and measure all of the bridge details including dimensions on the upstream and downstream faces, abutments, piers, low chords, wing walls and other pertinent information. Stream cross sections will be surveyed both upstream and downstream for a distance of 500ft and added to the base mapping in accordance with the NJDOT CADD Standards Manual. The final deliverables will include a survey control report signed and sealed by a NJ PLS, field edit base mapping with roadway and stream cross sections, copies of all field notes and photographs, contact prints and .jpeg files of the aerial imagery.

NJDOT Freight Transportation Infrastructure Project

GEOD was asked to provide the laser scanning and point cloud data extraction services for the NJDOT Freight Transportation Infrastructure Field Measurements and Data Collection project. The scanning involved horizontal and vertical clearances of approximately 400 bridges across highways and freight rail lines throughout the state. Measurements were taken in both travel directions of the roadway and the measuring system produced an image cloud that defines the dimensions of the opening beneath the structure. Measurements were relative to the roadway surface passing beneath the structure. Recorded data was delivered in spreadsheet form detailing: distance from the roadway surface to the lowest point of the structure along each lane line; distance from the roadway surface to the lowest point of the structure along each shoulder line; and distance from the shoulder line to the nearest horizontal constraint.

Route 110 Widening, Westford, MA

Designed a highway widening to facilitate a left hand turn movement into Primrose development project. Performed queue analysis, geometric design, pavement marking and signing plans, and general construction plans including sections and details to MassHighway standards. Submitted 25%, 75% and final PS&E documents to MassHighway for review and approval. Also, coordinated with the Town of Westford for review and comments.

Contact: Ryan Development, Robert Walker, and (978) 692-9450.

Minots Corner, Westford, MA

GEOD is presently in the process of redesigning this highly congested and poorly performing signalized intersection located at Boston Road/Route 110/Carlisle Road, Westford Massachusetts. The intersection is being designed to allow for southbound protected double left hand turns due to the high volume of traffic. The Town of Westford has a Master Plan with sidewalks, which are being accounted for in the design. A functional design report (FDR) and 25% designs have been accepted by MassHighway and the Town of Westford, and 75% design documents are near completion.

Contact: Ryan Development, Robert Walker, and (978) 692-9450.

Corpus Christi Parish Church, Sandwich, MA

Site layout of a new church structure, which included the addition of 250 parking spaces, grading and drainage, site utilities and the storm water management systems.

Silvia Elementary School, Fall River, MA

Performed site design and storm water management design of a 21.0 acre site for a new elementary school in the City of Fall River. Drainage design included studying 400 acre watershed to ascertain the drainage effects on a 24 inch culvert under Meridian Street. Project required extensive site and roadway access design, and, storm water design including new catch basins, manholes, drainage piping and numerous detention/retention basins. Pre and post development storm water runoff were analyzed. The use of best management practices (BMP's) were incorporated and percent total suspended solids (TSS) were calculated. Project required several construction phases including staged drainage designs.

Contact: Terry Sullivan, Director of Public Works - Fall River, (508) 324-2000.

Court Yard by Marriott, Raynham, MA

Performed full site design engineering, including grading, parking lot layout, utility connections and relocations, storm water management design, landscape architecture and traffic design. Project permits at the local and state level were obtained.

Contact: Project Manager, Scott Thayer, (603) 623-8811