History of GEOD GROUP

GEOD Corporation, formed in 1961 as Emilius and Associates, began by providing professional surveying and aerial photogrammetric mapping services to federal, state and municipal agencies, as well as utility companies and consulting engineering firms. Steady expansion since that time resulted in a superior land surveying, aerial photogrammetric mapping and subsurface utility markout company which uses state-of-the art instruments. Over the course of GEOD’s growth, two affiliated firms developed: a consulting engineering firm as well as a surveying firm specializing in construction layout with union affiliations.

The GEOD Group is currently a firm of over 45 employees, with branch offices in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Wolfboro, New Hampshire. Historically, GEOD Corporation has provided services throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa to both private and public sector clients.

Mission Statement

  • To provide our clients with the highest level of professional service through the continuing education of our professional staff, using state-of-the-art technology and delivering projects economically, efficiently and expeditiously. The GEOD Group shares a mutual dedication to quality client service.


Paul Emilius, Sr., PLS/CP/PP

Paul Emilius, Sr. is a licensed land surveyor, professional planner, and nationally certified photo-grammetrist. His experience in the aerial photogrammetric mapping and land surveying professions encompasses over 50 years. Subsequent to his founding of GEOD in 1961, the company continued to grow and benefit from Mr. Emilius’ leadership and direction for many years. Mr. Emilius’ extensive background in land surveying and aerial photogrammetric mapping directly contributed to the company’s rapid growth. He maintains current registrations in numerous states throughout the northeast as a licensed land surveyor and land planner. Furthermore, he remains active in numerous field-related professional organizations, within which he has held a variety of different chairs over the years. Though retired, Mr. Emilius continues to contribute to the advancement of GEOD.

Paul Emilius, Jr., PLS/CP

Paul Emilius, Jr., PLS, C/P, is the Principal in direct charge of GEOD'S Land Surveying Division. Mr. Emilius has over 32 years of experience in the land surveying and aerial mapping professions. As Principal, he oversees all project tasks from the development of a survey work program, through assignment of field teams and directing computations, through registration of the final field data to map form. Mr. Emilius’ survey experience includes a wide variety of projects for a diverse clientele. Project management experience includes: construction layout surveys, property surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way mapping, as-built surveys, aerial mapping and hydrographic surveys. Furthermore, Mr. Emilius has extensive project management experience using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Markets of involvement include: transportation, environment and GIS projects for both public and private sector clients.

John F. Emilius

John F. Emilius is the President and Chief Financial Officer of GEOD Corporation, with over 30 years of experience in the land surveying and aerial mapping professions Mr. Emilius is an active member of NJSPLS, NYSPLS, ASHE, MAPPS and SAME. As President, John Emilius supervises and coordinates all aspects of the GEOD Group as well as its affiliated companies with department heads and project managers ultimately reporting to him. Specific areas of concentration include: financial administration, human resources, project management, marketing, contracts and regulatory compliance.

Stanley B. Palinski, CP

Stanley Palinski, is a nationally Certified Photgrammetrist with more than 45 years experience in land surveying, aerial mapping, photo interpretation and photogrammetry. As the Principal in Charge of all GEOD’s photogrammetric projects, Mr. Palinski is responsible for staff and equipment, including GEOD’s stereo restitution instruments and a wide range of state-of-the-art CADD work stations and related software. He is a member of ASHE, ASPRS, NJSPLS and MAPPS. He has managed over 1000 aerial mapping and land surveying projects personally. Areas of expertise include: highways, airports, industrial facilities, large and small land tracts, cities/towns, pipelines, tunnels, bridges and military facilities. Mr. Palinski’s broad experience in all phases of land surveying and aerial photogrammetric mapping enables him to consult with the client, evaluate the project and make recommendations which consistently improve the quality of each task, i.e., the accuracy of mapping, control surveys and the presentation of digital map data while maintaining and/or improving the project schedule and budget. Throughout the project, Mr. Palinski continues this constant contact with the client by initiating project status meetings to assure that the same quality control is maintained.

Christopher Emilius, P.E.

Christopher Emilius, PE, has over 27 years of professional engineering and land surveying experience serving as Principal in Charge, Project Manager, and Project Engineer for a wide range of transportation engineering projects. Licensed in seven (7) states in the northeast, Mr. Emilius has managed projects throughout New England as well as the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Mr. Emilius’ broad expertise encompasses involvement in conceptual, preliminary, and final design phases with concentration in: roadways, highways, transit and rail, traffic issues, bike paths, interchange connections, traffic impact studies, and airports.